Episode 1

Welcome to Episode one of The Spooktator Podcast. This is the live show cut down into a podcast version that you can listen to on your commute, lunchbreak, downtime, way to a ghost hunt… you get the idea.

Alistair discusses: The medium who came to the rescue of the haunted Plaice Station Chippy
Mikey discusses: The calculator that’s haunted (watch the original video here) (find the video Hayley discusses here) (find another haunted calculator here)
Paul discusses: The haunting of Meatloaf (you can watch the show here if you must)
Ash discusses: The ghost of an 18th Century child caught in a photo


In this episode we discuss the Halloween 2015 Most Haunted Live show that came to our televisions from 30 East Drive, Pontefract – the home of what people describe to be Europe’s most feared poltergiest. Oooh! Over at Bad Psychics, Jon Donnis has a run down of all the dodgy things that happened through the episodes.

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