Episode 19

In this live show, the team discuss updates on the Harper Kurtz ghost photo and the haunting at 30 East Drive, plus a dodgy casting call for a ghost TV show… and somehow a certain masturbating monkey makes a reappearance. Here are those links:

Metabunk examines the Harper Kurtz photo
Facebook page for the Society for Psychical Research
Ghost Hunter Catching Black Monk on Camera
Ghost Hunters Capture ‘Clearest Photo Yet’ of Notorious Black Monk Poltergeist
Get Your Tits Out For The Ghosts | Hayley is a Ghost
The lowdown on that masturbating monkey ghost
The blue boy of Chillingham Castle


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  1. The answer to the question of whether Cluniac monks would have used the rosary is no. The rosary was a Dominican devotion popularised among the laity but wasn’t generally taken up by other religious orders until the 1570s when it was promulgated by Pope Pius V. In any case, Pontefract Priory ceased to be Cluniac in 1414 and became an English Benedictine house.

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