Episode 22

Hello and welcome to episode 22 of The Spooktator podcast. Here are the links to all items discussed in this episode: 

A(nother) brief discussion on 30 East Drive 

The Paranormal Review magazine
30 East Drive
Colin Wilson’s ‘Poltergeist!’
When the Lights Went Out movie

Hayley goes ghost hunting with Haunted podcast

Haunted podcast
Shepton Mallet Prison
Paul Toole burned by a ghost
Private Lee Davies

Paul discusses the Dear David case

Know Your Meme: Dear David
Adam Ellis’ Twitter
A storify of all the terrible milestones in this terrible story
The Sun coverage of Dear David photos
The New Statesman: “Dear David found me, I think”: the lure (and ethics) of Twitter ghost stories
Slender man
Slender man Stabbing incident
Ghost Watch: The Halloween Hoax That Changed the Language of Television

Charlie accidentally watches ghostly erotica based on a real haunting… 

A Haunting at the Rectory (2015)
The “real” Borley case
Harry Price
Peter Underwood
Ed and Lorraine Warren
The Krankies

The roundup discussion

Listen to Hayley’s talk at Edinburgh Fringe Festival
Details of an SPR membership
Cheapshow podcast
Weird Bristol Twitter
Haunted episode 6 | The Man Who Upset a Ghost
Watch The Bullshit Detectives foil psychics
Ciarán O’Keeffe

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