Episode 23

Welcome to Episode 23 of The Spooktator podcast! Here are those all important episode links:

Manhunt: Unabomber
Ted Kaczynski
The Tylenol Murders | The Dollop / Buzzfeed Unsolved

Is Bigfoot Skepticism Cool Now? | Hayley is a Ghost
Scientist finds UK water companies use ‘magic’ to find leaks | BBC
Sally Le Page Youtube

Fake bomb detector seller James McCormick jailed | BBC
The ADE6500 Training video  | Youtube
Ideomotor Responses | Wikipedia
Hayley’s guide to EMF | Hayley is a Ghost

Katie Hopkins
Good Morning Britain “Gay Cure” Controversy
‘I gave up men to sleep with Ghosts‘ | This Morning feature
Good Morning Britain under fire after inviting so-called ‘gay cure’ therapist to debate with Piers Morgan | Independent
Hallucinations During Sleep | American Sleep Association
2015 story about Amethyst Realm
Ke$ha Says She Had Sex With a Ghost | HuffPo
Hayley wasn’t making it up about haunted uterus’
A Brief Investigation Into Human-Ghost Intercourse | Pacific Standard
A Guide to Pepper’s Ghost Illusions
Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror | Wikipedia
The Ancient Ram Inn
Most Haunted’s Stuart Torvell “attacked” at The Ancient Ram Inn | Youtube

Catch Paul on the Barshens Youtube channel and also on Cheapshow
Follow Charlie’s Weird Bristol Twitter account and check out the Bristol Murders series
Read Hayley’s Worst Ghosts of 2017 blog post

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