Episode 4

Welcome to the first show of 2016 ! We return to discuss Harry Price, the Enfield Poltergeist, a haunted immigration centre, Ed and Lorraine Warren and some scary hotel experiences shared on Tripadvisor.

Here are the all important links

Harry Price: Ghost Hunter reviewed
Greg Newkirk on the controvery surrounding The Conjuring 2
Just what is happening at this haunted immigration centre in Sweden?
The Most TERRIFYING TripAdvisor reviews


Michael Marshall

For this episode the team are joined by Michael Marshall of the Good Thinking Society. Learn more about Michael and his work here:

The Good Thinking Society
The Good Thinking Society investigates Peter Popoff
The Merseryside Skeptics Society
Learn more about QEDcon here

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4 Comments on Episode 4

  1. Maurice Grosse’s first name was pronounced with the emphasis on the first syllable – he was not a French hairdresser.

  2. Good to hear you back again. Interesting episode but I was a little bemused as to why you seem to think it Ok if the Harry Price programme was totally fiction but not the upcoming Enfield poltergeist film. I was one of those that didn’t like the Harry Price film as it was totally fictitious (I didn’t like the Timothy Spall fiasco either), so why use his name? If the show was just for entertainment then fine but use another name, Fred Bloggs, for example. Most people in the viewing public would have never heard of Harry so using another name wouldn’t have mattered, those of us that had heard of him soon realised the show bore no resemblance to the truth. Anyway, just my thoughts. Cheers.

  3. I think the difference is largely that of perspective – with the Harry Price drama, I think that, yes, they could’ve easily created a brand new character to sell the same story, but it seemed to be “acceptable” to make Harry Price (especially to those who have no prior knowledge of him at all) a person to hang the mystery on. In the same way “Murder Rooms” used Joseph Bell and Arthur Conan Doyle to create Sherlock Holmes styles mystery. The obvious angle being, let’s use these people who we “kinda” know the roots of and spin off some stories within that realm of storytelling… The difference between that and The Conjuring (1 or 2) is that those films sell what are completely false events and sell them as “this really happened” or “based on a true story” and seeks to build a load of cheap scares and unearned sympathies by claiming these extraordinary supernatural events really REALLY happened. I think all those involved with the Harry Price drama would claim, at best, the stories are “inspired” by the person and his work. Also, I think maybe the biggest crime HP:GH commits is not making it completely clear this isn’t an biographical retelling of his life.

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