S2: Episode 1

S2E1: Paul travels back in time to bring us eyewitness reports of time portals, Charlie explores dark tourism and the blurred ethical lines, and Hayley talks about tsunami ghosts in this episode of The Spooktator! Here are those all important links for context and description:

Charlie’s London NYE Firework tweets!

Ceefax and Teletext

Woman fed up with searching for perfect man marries GHOST of 300-year-old pirate

BBC’s Being Human

Under river, outside time: The Woolwich Foot Tunnel Anomaly

The Guardian coverage of the Woolwich Tunnel Story

Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere

Diagon Alley (Harry Potter)

The Bizarra Tunnel When Sends People Back In Time

Did The Guy Travel to the year 6000? 

Busted (band)

Did This Plumber Find a Time Portal?

Ranker Guide To Top Time Travel Stories 

Be Reasonable Podcast Ep. 3 – The Green Children of Woolpit

Goodnight Sweetheart (TV series)

Matthew McConaughey, Nicolas Cag, Keanu Reeves and Other Time Travelling Celebs

A Hipster Time Traveler?

Avebury timeslip mentioned in Peter Underwood’s ‘Where The Ghosts Walk’

Yorkshire Ripper” (Peter Sutcliffe)

Controversy Surrounded Jack The Ripper Museum Opening

The Hungerford Massacre

Saddleworth Moor / The Moors Murders

‘The rise of Dark Tourism’: Thousands visit spot where Fred and Rose West’s house of death once stood

Dunblane School Reduced to Rubble (1996)

The Horwood Book, Bristol

Highgate Cemetery and Arnos Vale Cemetery

True Crime Podcasts mentioned: Serial, Last Podcast on the LeftMy Favourite Murder

Why Are Women Obsessed With True Crime?

Gacy’s Hitler Painting (wtf…)

The Manhunt for Raoul Moat

Media Criticised for Raoul Moat Coverage

Ghosts of the Tsunami, Richard Lloyd Parry

2011 Tsunami in Japan

Japanese Taxi Drivers Pick Up “Phantom Hitchhikers”

Phantom Hitchhikers in Folklore

Okawa Primary School

There’s a Phone Booth in Japan Where People Can Call the Dead

Find Paul on Twitter, The Cheapshow Podcast and Barshens

Charlie tweets as WeirdBristol and was on The Famous Five Podcast

Find Hayley’s blog here



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