An award-winning blogger who lectures about rational inquiry and research into alleged paranormal experiences, Hayley is considered an expert commentator by numerous media outlets and can often be heard on your radio arguing the case for scientific scepticism about things that go bump in the night. She blogs at Hayley Is A Ghost and became a non-believer two years after forming her own ghost hunting team in 2005 as a believer. Hayley also has a soft spot for lake monsters, has seen a British Big Cat, and has a Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy tattoo. Follow her @hayleystevens

Ash Pryce is an entertainer, actor and magician based in Edinburgh, Scotland. He has produced and directed sceptically themed shows looking at myths & legends, ghosts, psychics and mediumship – including How To Be A Psychic Conman. Besides this he has also produced full plays ranging from Faustus to more contemporary original shows. Ash is the founder of Edinburgh Skeptics, the founder of the World’s first Skeptical Ghost Tour and he is also an Edinburgh Fringe Festival Veteran. He does not yet have a Nemesis, applications accepted via his website. Follow him @psychicconman

Alistair Coleman is a journalist, media analyst and writer currently living in Hampshire, England. He has an interest in applying Occam’s Razor to eyewitness accounts of alleged ghosts and big cats, having personally not seen a panther on several occasions. Alistair can often be found touring the UK Skeptics in the Pub circuit talking about his arch-nemesis Kim Jong-un and North Korea. You can also find Alistair spouting rubbish at his award-winning site or on his blogs Angry People in Local News  (or Dull News in Local Newspapers and Weird News in Local Newspapers), . You can find Alistair on Twitter @scaryduck

A writer, producer and performer of comedy, Paul has also spent far too much time hunting for all things supernatural. Despite not believing in things that go bump in the night, he’s enthralled with those who dedicate their lives to chasing the dead. It led to a solo show about his ghost hunting exploits called Ain’t Afraid of No Ghost (★★★★ Broadway Baby) telling the story of his encounters with psychics, ghost hunters and the ever-expanding industry. Paul also produces a comedy show called The Cheapshow as well as The Geekatorium podcast. Follow him @paulgannonshow

Charlie is a writer, which means he spends most of his time looking for distractions, instead of actually writing. His interest in all things ghostly began at an early age and has abided well into adulthood – despite not entirely believing in ghosts (and being a bit scared of them too.) To date his novels have been mostly Victorian mysteries but he has recently started writing more contemporary set books – with a couple of ghost stories along the way. His website is and you can follow him @crevellesmith