We’re Taking a Break!

Sad news, Spooktator fans! The show is taking a break for the rest of 2017 while the hosts work on other projects. We’re not vanishing forever though and hope to return to Youtube at some point in 2018 when we all have more time to focus on contributing to the show!

If you’d like to keep up with the team, here’s how:

Hayley continues to blog at hayleyisaghost.co.uk and is working on new projects which will be announced on her blog in the future

Paul continues to produce the popular CheapShow podcast which he produces with Eli Silverman, and he works as a producer and contributor for the Barshens Youtube channel here.

Alistair is the brains behind Angry People in Local News – the popular Facebook page can be found heree, or you can follow the blog, too.

Charlie is currently working on his next novel but you can find his previously published work here, including The Bristol Savage published in 2017. Elsewhere, he curates the Weird Bristol Twitter account.

Ash is the chair of the Edinburgh Horror Festival and can be found performing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Check his website ashpryce.co.uk to stay up to date!

Be sure to like our Facebook page and Follow us on Twitter where you’ll be kept up to date with things as the progress.

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